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Table of Comparison

Where can you publish bots?Flexibility of being able to make bots anywhere you wish: Is it landing pages, website widgets or messaging apps like Facebook or Whatsapp.
Web, SMS, PPC campaigns, Facebook, WhatsappWeb, SMS, Facebook, Email,
Human Handover AvailableWith Human Handover, your bot can assess the conversation and allow a smooth hand over to qualified humans for the most complex customer queries
Humans chat viaConnect with your customers seamlessly. Use your team’s messaging apps like Slack and Mattermost for LiveChat
Slack, MattermostLiveChat dashboard
Number of Human Agents?Number of Human Agents Unlimited
Unlimited$16 to $30 For each new agent
Telephony Support?Be available instantly. Telephony support lets users place a phone call from inside your chatbot.
DB connectionConnect your chatbot to a SQL server easily. Read and write customer data to your DB of choice.
SchedulingPlan out your chatbots conversations to begin at a specific date & time in the future. for sending updates or broadcasting in marketing campaigns
ConversationsLet your users converse to their heart's content. Each time a user interacts with the bot it is counted as 1 conversation.
Change answers based upon user inputs?Can chatbot guess what the user ‘s intent is and tailor responses to better suit the context.
3rd Party AppConnect any 3rd party app with your chatbot to enhance its abilities.
API SupportThe chatbots are open to any API integrations and workarounds you can imagine.
Programmed throughProgramming the chatbot’s intelligence and responses. Basically the complexity of bot building.
Custom CSSCustomize your chatbot’s style and look with Custom CSS. Modify fonts, chat windows, chatbot avatars and chat widgets.
Zapier Integration10,000+ ways to have your chatbot ‘talk’ to webapps or services with Zapier integration compatibility.
Yes,Included in paid planNo
AutocompleteYour chatbot autocompletes your users’ input for time saving, better searches and better results
Spreadsheets as a DBCan chatbot read and write any database for your user queries and knowledge.
MultiLingual ConversationsConverse with users in their own language. Multi-lingual conversations in the same chatbot.
LiveChat WidgetsService your website visitors instantly with Live Chat widgets.
Starting from $0Starting from $19
Custom BotsService your website visitors instantly with Live Chat widgets.
Starting from $0No
CRM IntegrationDoes this service allows Seamless integration of chat bots into your existing CRMs.
Professional Chat agents for HireProfessional Chat agents for Hire
Starting from $1/hrNo
PricingOur strating plan is free available, After you can upgard as you want.
Free plan availableStarts from $19

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Bots that do much more than book Meetings

With Hybrid.Chat’s intelligent bots, you can provide comprehensive support to customers. Right from automatically booking more demos to selling your products effectively and catering to their common questions. The bot does it all! Customers can also submit receipts and upload files such as their resumes, thus offering an integrated solution.

Engage customers where they hangout the most

With Hybrid.Chat you can easily engage the users, be it on a website, Whatsapp, SMS, Facebook Messenger or Landing pages. Moreover, unlimited agents can talk to your clients from Slack or Mattermost.

Hire professional Human agents for as low as $1/hour

Overwhelmed with too many queries or running short on staff? We’ve got you covered! Hire our professional customer support team and never return any website visitor unanswered. You can engage skilled agents for prices as low as $1/hr.

Integrate with CRM, Ticket Management or 1000+ other software

Integrate with 1000+ software including CRM, Ticket Management or others using Zapier, Integromat or more.

New to the bots arena?

Hybrid.Chat has the easiest possible bot building technique out there – the good old spreadsheets. You heard it right!