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Know who your chatbot is talking to


We just added a great feature that allows bot builders to know to whom they are talking to. You will see the chatlog emails something like this from now on (after updating your bot):

These are published as Global variables that you can call like other variables you define within the chat. You can use the same variables within your chatflow dialogue or pass this to webhook for further transactions.

Here is a list of these global variables:

VariableHow to call in chat flowExample format
IP (IPV4) OR 2001:0db8:0000:0042:0000:8a2e:0370:7334 (IPV6)
IP or ipv6
Country States
City Angeles
Continent America
Geoname D.C
Country Calling
Country Dollar
Currency in Dollars
Native Currency$
Use cases:
  • Lead generation: Knowing cities and countries from where most of the meaningful conversations are coming. You can use it to further your marketing campaigns in these regions.
  • Sales: Pushing enriched data in CRMs and HelpDesk softwares
  • Ecommerce store: Quoting price in native currency of the user
  • MultiLingual Chatbot: Offering to chat in the native language of the user

Nov 14, 2018 Update:
We added a new variable today for reporting the current URL from where the user initiated the chat.

VariableHow to call in chat flowExample format
Current URLvars.GLOBAL.bot_url



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