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Connecting with Mattermost

Connecting to Mattermost is easy and can get you started within minutes. Here is a video on how you can go about it.

Step 1: Enable Personal Access Tokens in System Console -> Custom Integrations

Step 2: Assign appropriate permissions to the Bot User.

Hint: If you are confused about what user group to assign to the Bot user, just give Administration permissions so that you can test the working first and scale down the permissions later, if required.

Make sure the roles look like those shown above.

Step 3: Goto Hybrid.Chat Dashboard and Create a New Bot

Step 4: After filling all the bot details, you will get an option to Connect to Messengers. Click the CONNECT button next to Mattermost.

Step 5: This is where you add the Mattermost access details.

Hostname: The URL where Mattermost is hosted
Username: Enter the username that will be used by Hybrid.Chat to login into Mattermost
Password: Password for the username above

Hint: You may create new an account especially for a bot user.

Step 6: Select the Mattermost team where you want all chats to appear. You may create a dedicated team room, just for website chats, shall you wish. Just start typing and the teams that are accessible to this username (that you added in Step 3) would appear.

Note: The bot user must be a member of the selected team.

Step 7: Select the users who will be invited to Mattermost Chatrooms created by Hybrid.Chat. Just start typing and Hybrid.Chat will try to autocomplete the username for you. Once you are done, click CONFIRM.

Step 8: Publish your Bot by clicking CREATE BOT or UPDATE BOT