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Connecting with Slack

Connecting to Slack is easy, and can get you started within minutes. Here is how to go about it.

Expert Tip: You can optimize Slack mobile app for Live chat conversations easily. Follow these mobile notification settings and some special settings for Android.

Step 1: Goto Hybrid.Chat Dashboard and Create a New Bot

Step 2: After filling all the bot details, you will get an option to Connect to Messengers. Click CONNECT next to Slack

Step 3: Authorize Hybrid.Chat to connect to your Slack Workspace

Step 4: Select the users who will be invited to Slack Chatrooms created by Hybird.Chat. Just start typing and Hybrid.Chat will try to autocomplete the username for you. Once you are done, click CONFIRM.

Step 5: Publish your Bot by clicking CREATE BOT or UPDATE BOT.