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Goto is used to control the flow of conversation. It specifies the main-id of the row from which the conversation will continue after the current row is complete (for user’s input/validations etc).

An example could be:

ID Type Text Goto
1.1 Text-DontMatter Hi. I am here to help 2
2.1 Dialogue
Hey there! We’re excited to help you out. Let us know your contact details so that we can follow up in case we get disconnected.

2.2 TextWidget-Contact Best Phone number (recommended) or email address to reach you?
2.3 Dialogue What do you need help with today?
2.4 Button New Booking 6
2.5 Button In-Room Service

Here you can see the buttons in last 2 rows have been assigned a Goto, to tell the system where to go in the chat dialogue if a button is clicked. Goto column can also make the user navigate to a certain page at any point of the chat flow. It works well when a URL is defined in the Goto of a Button (as shown in 2.5 row above).

In case of Dialogue, FAQ answer the flow immediately transfers after sending the message to the user but if there are buttons after dialogue then the bot will wait for the user’s response before changing the flow.

In case of Button, the flow will change to the specified main-id when the button’s text is sent by the user as a response. In case of User input types, the bot will wait for the user’s response before going to the specified main-id in goto.

For rest of the types, Goto column will not do anything and will be ignored.