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Schedule can be used to schedule the messages to be sent by the bot at any time in the future. Currently, Schedule works in SMS bot only. Using schedule you can specify the Date when to schedule a message, change the date and specify the Goto from where the conversation will be initiated by the bot. Schedule considers various parameters which include:

  1. Date – Date when to schedule message in format YYYY-MM-DD HH-mm-ss, e.g 2021-01-22 12:33:12
  2. Year – To set, increment or decrement the year relative to the Date specified earlier. Year can be given values 2021 (to set year), +2 (to increment by 2 years) and -1 (to decrement) etc.
  3. Month – Similar to year, it can be used to set, increment or decrement the months.
  4. Day – To set, increment or decrement days
  5. Hour -To set, increment or decrement hours
  6. Minutes – To set, increment or decrement minutes
  7. Seconds – To set, increment or decrement seconds
  8. Timezone – Timezone (UTC offset ) in which to interpret the date.