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Select Input Widget

SelectWidget – Allows a user to select multiple/single options from a variety of display types:

Check – Display options using checkboxes.

Radio – Display options using radio buttons (Single Option can be selected).

SingleAuto (Autocomplete Search)– Display options as a dropdown based on the user search (Single Option can be selected).

MultiAuto (Autocomplete Search)– Display options as a dropdown based on the user search with multiple selection support.

Name Description Used With (type)
*type Check, Radio, SingleAuto, MultiAuto Check, Radio, SingleAuto, MultiAuto
label Adds a description label to the top of the widget. (optional) Check, Radio, SingleAuto, MultiAuto
*question Adds a question field on which the user will select the options Check, Radio, SingleAuto, MultiAuto
*options Adds an options field that accepts an array of strings. Check, Radio, SingleAuto, MultiAuto
*min Minimum amount of fields to be checked. Check
*max Maximum amount of fields to be checked. (Must be greater than 1) Check
*limit No. of options greater than which it will default to SingleAuto (default = 10) Check, Radio
mapping If the options are coming as an array of objects then it can specify which property is to be picked up (optional) Check, Radio, SingleAuto, MultiAuto
optionsLimit Specifies the no. of options to be selected (default = 5) MultiAuto
save_as_object Store the original object (if array of object is provided) of the option selected by the user (default = false) SingleAuto, MultiAuto

 All the required fields are marked by (*).
All the field values can also be passed from pre-saved variables. E.g. – “options”: “{{vars.options}}” where vars.options = [“Options 1”, “Options 2”].
When passed in the statement itself, the options should be a stringified array e.g. “[Options 1, Options 2]”.
You can also use API Requests to use API calls for data and also Load Data to load it from a spreadsheet and further save_to_var  will save it to the variables.


ID Type Text Goto
2.1 SelectWidget-select {
>“label”:”Form Label”,“question”:”Question”,
“submitButton”: “Send”