Grow Your Business With eCommerce Chatbots

Hybrid.Chat chatbots can be added to your Ecommerce site in minutes. engages your users, provides information, and converts them to take action or purchase quickly. You can also connect our bot via REST APIs to your inventory, CRM system, and more.


What can you do with Ecommerce Chatbots



Engage potential customers and resolve their queries to close more sales and generate revenue.


Greet returning visitors with special offers. Retarget abandoned carts.


Solve visitors’ queries proactively. Your team can collaborate on tickets through Slack or Mattermost.

Order Notifications

Deliver transactional messages geared to your customers’ behaviour and preferences. Programmable SMS makes it easy to deliver immediate, high value order notifications, alerts, reminders, and status updates to your customers by text message.

Sales & Conversions

Streamline the sales process with chatbots. Solve customer problems proactively when they are in the purchase-mode. Takeover conversations from chatbots seamlessly

Customer Service

Save time and costs by having chatbots address common support queries. Chatbots answer questions using  your knowledge base or support documentation – no humans required!

With Hybrid Chat…


Scale up with Multilingual Chatbots

Engage your visitors in the language of their choice. With Hybrid.Chat, creating multilingual chatbots is a breeze.


Collect Feedback from Buyers

After a purchase is complete, buyers can send feedback or fill out surveys through the chatbot itself.


Let Users Manage Orders

Users can track their orders, place requests to cancel or return their items through the chatbot itself. 

Chat With our Woocommerce Bot

Seamless Integration

Hybrid.Chat integrates seamlessly with the apps you use everyday. Add Hybrid.Chat to your existing sales funnels or as a standalone communication touchpoint.


What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a set of predefined rules that allow you to automatically communicate with your customers, and achieve your business goals in an innovative and effective way. With chatbots, you can engage your website visitors, answer FAQs, generate leads, save abandoned carts, and much more in terms of sales, marketing, and customer service automation.

How do I build a Chatbot? Do I need to know coding for this?

You can build chatbots with absolutely no coding necessary. Once you’ve created your Hybrid.Chat account, you can access our pre-made chatbot templates and choose one that suits your requirement or industry. You can also customize them from the Dashboard. From here, you can modify your chatbot’s appearance, responses and behavior 

What does it cost to build a chatbot?

With Hybrid.Chat, you can start using chatbots for free. You can also upgrade to one of our paid plans to augment your chatbot’s abilities to better fit your business needs.

Ready to Grow Your Business with Chatbots?