Chatbot for Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Customer service as fast as your Internet, Super fast.

Trusted by 3000+ companies


Welcome and assist customers in setting up their accounts. Provide Ommnichannel self-service.

Problem resolution

Gather info about the customer, provide troubleshoots and realtime network status updates using Livechat or program your chatbot.

Reduce OPEX Costs

Eliminate long call center queues, the agent count too touches a higher end with increasingly pending tickets and reduced FCR and quality.
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Accept payments Digitally

Allow users to make payments directly in a chat, without transferring them to a website and repeating the payment information each time.

Omnipresent Support

The consumers can contact organization via app, website, facebook, Whatsapp and call. Knowledge disseminated should always be updated and consistent.

Eliminate the language barrier

Provide a multilingual experience and greatly expand your audience, consider creating a chatbot that people can use regardless of their native language.

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